Speeds up the print production process by creating and saving your files optimally.

Press Printing

spalttersThe thing that most often slows down or speeds up the print production process is how you prepare your files. By making sure your files are properly prepared, you’ll get your project through the process more smoothly, and delivered more quickly.

File Formats

Type: Apple/Mac or PC
Preferred: Adobe PDF, setting X-1A at 300 dpi, any X-1A “save as” setting is acceptable.
Programs: Adobe InDesign, Adobe PDF, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Quark XPress
Minimum Bleed: 1/8 inch or 0.1250″. Bleeds should be centered with the same bleed size on all sides.


Format: PDF preferred
Crop Marks: Set to “ON”
Resolution: No less than 300 dpi (dots per inch)
Spreads: No spreads, please send as single pages
Ideal Bleed: 1/8 inch or 0.125″. Any X-1A “save as” setting is acceptable. Bleeds should be centered with the same bleed size on all sides.
Artwork: If you have artwork that’s line-based (logos, drawings, etc.) please send them as vector art.


Bleeds: If you want your images or color blocks to bleed, please make sure the image within your document is laid out at least 1/8″ beyond the page boundary. This way, your bleeds are built in, and you control how your image is placed. Bleeds should be centered with the same bleed size on all sides. Your bleeds option should be set to .125” when you create the PDF, not with the .0” that usually is set as default.
Resolution: To get the best looking images and pictures, be sure they are at least 300 dpi at actual print size. You can always make an image smaller, but it will only degrade in quality as it’s blown up past the image that you begin with. In other words, if your picture is originally 600×300 px, you can shrink it to 300×150 and it will look fine, but if you blow it up to 1200×600, it will print grainy.
Saving methods: If you choose not to send us PDFs, please read through your program’s materials on saving for print. Programs like Quark XPress have a “Collect for Output” feature and InDesign “Package” that is a real time-saver when collecting the pieces that we need to print your document.


Embed: Please embed all fonts into your documents. If you’re sending a PDF, it’s an option when you save your file. For all other programs, see your program manual for details.
Outline: When sending Illustrator files, please convert fonts to outlines. DO NOT SAVE THIS FILE OVER YOUR REGULAR FILE. We’ve found that saving a separate file with -o added at the end of the file name is most convenient. Note – once your text is in outline format it is no longer actual text. Save your original file in case changes are needed later.

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