Does APPAGI Recycle? Absolutely!

All Purpose Printing and Graphics is proud to announce that by using 139,962 pounds of recycled paper in a year, instead of virgin pulp, we have:

  • Saved 1,189 trees
  • Left 230 cubic yards of landfill unfilled
  • Preserved 489,867 gallons of water
  • Saved 286,922 kilowatts of electricity
  • Kept 4,198 pounds of air pollutants from being created
  • Saved enough energy to heat 70 homes for six months

We’re serious about using all our resources to their best advantage, recycling, reusing, and producing the best product we can with as little environmental impact as possible. Join us in our efforts by requesting recycled papers and asking your All Purpose Printing and Graphics representative about efficient paper use when creating your projects!

*All figures based on EPA Recycling Standards